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Mail Forwarding Service

A mail forwarding service (maildrop) allows a person to use the forwarding service's address to receive mail and then have it forwarded to the address where the person actually wishes to receive their mail.

Privacy & Security

The betrayal of a customer's personal information is not important to an organisation, but it can have disastrous consequences for an individual. A customer's personal data is always destroyed shortly after an account is closed.

Why use Irish Office

We own the buildings where Irish Office is located. They are sited on a main road, seven minutes walk from the centre of Dublin City. We have several retail establishments on the ground floor and basement. Our offices are on the upper floors. We are already running a number of well established businesses from these buildings. There is 24 hour security on the building.


Why Use a Maildrop

The most common reason for individuals using an offshore maildrop / remailing service is for geographic privacy. Individuals may have had to relocate because of political, domestic, or business confrontations. An offshore maildrop conceals their location and/or their real name from any person, company, organization or government body that could potentially cause them legal, physical or economic damage.


Maildrop Service

As a subscriber you are entitled to use up to two names for receiving mail at your Irish address. This can be any combination of business or personal names. Extra names can be purchased for 25 per annum. All mail will be forwarded to any single name and address that you specify - worldwide . You can change this forwarding address as often as you want. We will accept ordinary mail, registered mail, packages and courier services on your behalf.